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Powerbikes uk


NDH has long provided categories for e-bikes but this is the first time we’re doing events catering for just the electric powered 2 wheelers.

With the backing of Powerbikes NDH brings you 2 E Bike Specific events both at Eastgate in the Wear Valley of County Durham. These are on private land away from the uncertainty of Forestry England and Scotland.


As an E bike rider myself and with the support of we will bring together E bike riders from far and wide to share their passion for Electrically assisted bikes. Both events will be designed for 1 battery to get you through practise and the race.


This year’s events are to celebrate the coming together of E bikers with a primary focus on fun and inclusion. The staff from powerbikes will be on hand to carry out spot checks on bikes to ensure bikes comply with the uk laws in terms of power output.


Event 1: Powerbikes “E” TT


This will take in a modified version of the NDH TT at Eastgate. The course will be designed with some tech uphill to get your skills going but will be predominantly a DH inspired run.


Event 2: Powerbikes E Funduro


Based on the same course as the ND(H)uro but with some E bike specific twists to showcase your skills and the motor assist.

Powerbikes uk